Why Rock Fall Protection Net Is Popular

Aug. 14, 21

With the frequent occurrence of geological disasters in recent years, rockfall protection net is also widely used in some slope control projects, therefore, rockfall protection net is also paid attention to. The reason why rockfall protection net is widely used is that it plays a very big role in the control work. It is favored by rockfall protection work because its principle meets various environments of hillside.

Protection of highway slopes

The principle of  rockfall protection net  is a protection system very similar to spray anchor and soil nail wall, and because active rockfall protection network has very good flexibility, so in the control of slope, it can spread the gravity of a point to some other parts, so that the gravity will not be concentrated in one point, so as to effectively enhance the whole active rockfall protection network can withstand the gravity.

Rock Fall Net

Rockfall protection network slope maintenance

The protection system of active rockfall protection fence is open, so that the moisture accumulated throughout the year and the moisture accumulated in summer rain and snow can be freely discharged, thus reducing the impact of rain and groundwater on the slope. The active protection network can also effectively protect the slope without damaging the natural ecological environment of the mountain, and under the action of the active protection network, it can effectively inhibit the mountain from severe weathering, which can cause more serious damage.

Reinforcing ropes and clips

Active protection network has a very strong impact resistance, with easy to spread, easy construction of specific, can be the shortest construction cycle for the safest and fastest system installation.

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