What is Slope Protection Network?

Jun. 30, 21

What is slope protection network? Slope Protection Network Suppliers share with you

There are active protection and passive protection in slope protection network classification. Slope protection netting is used in highway and railroad landslides, slope protection netting is also called slope protection netting, titanium grids, etc.

Slope Protection Network

Slope Protection Network

There are active and passive protection for Slope Protection Network. Active protection system is to cover the slope or rocks with various kinds of flexible networks mainly made of wire rope network, in order to limit the weathering and spalling or destruction of the rock and soil on the slope and the rock collapse, or to control the movement of falling rocks within a certain range. Passive protection is composed of four main parts: wire rope mesh, ring mesh, fixed system pressure reducing ring and steel column. The steel columns and wire rope mesh are connected to form a whole, forming a surface protection for the area to be protected, thus stopping the fall of the collapsed rock and soil, and playing a role of slope protection.

The reason for the setting of the side slope fence network:

1、The foundation under the roadbed is an unstable natural sliding body.

2、The side slopes on both sides of the road are too steep.

3、The wrong method of filling the embankment with inclined levels.

4、The soil is too wet, which reduces the cohesion and internal friction.

5、The foot of the slope is washed by water

6、It is caused when the stability of individual sections of the rock is damaged after the construction of the highway, especially when each rock layer slopes in the direction of the road graben and subsequently has the damaging effect of water or earthquake.

7、The rock structure and composition of the mountain itself on both sides of the highway are unstable.

8、The damage brought by mudslide.


The openness of the system allows groundwater to drain freely, avoiding the problem of slope instability caused by the rise of groundwater pressure; the system not only contributes to stabilizing the slope, but also inhibits further weathering and denudation of the slope, and has no special requirements on the morphological characteristics of the slope, without destroying and changing the original geomorphological form and vegetation growth conditions of the slope, and its openness gives the opportunity to implement artificial slope greening when conditions and needs arise in the future. Green plants can grow freely on its open space, and the soil fixing effect of plant roots is integrated with the slope protection system, thus inhibiting slope damage and soil erosion, which in turn protects the landform and slope vegetation and realizes the purpose of slope protection and environmental protection.

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