What Are The Raw Materials Of Gabion Net

Jul. 28, 21

When using gabion net, the first thing we see is its stability and practicality, the overall permeability function is also a prominent potential that cannot be ignored. Gabion mesh is now made of special machinery in a twisted mesh structure, which will not affect the overall performance if some local damage occurs during the use. Even if there is some uneven precipitation, there will not be serious problems, making our maintenance workload also greatly reduced.

Raw materials for making gabion mesh

What Are The Raw Materials Of Gabion Net

Galvanized steel wire

Galvanized steel wire is made of high quality low carbon steel wire, diameter 4.0mm, generally 2.0mm, the tensile strength of this steel wire is 380 Mpa, the surface of galvanized steel wire can be protected by hot dip galvanizing treatment, the thickness of galvanized protective layer can be made according to user requirements, the maximum galvanized amount is 300g/㎡.

The steel wire of galvanized gabion box selects hot-dip galvanizing technique, the steel wire appearance coating is more stable, available to reduce the oxidation effect of the wire. And then coated with resin film technology, with erosion resistance, anti-static, anti-aging, anti-oxidation properties, longer application life.

Golfan steel wire

Galvanized steel wire is a mixed rare earth alloy steel wire containing 5% aluminum, belongs to the new fence structure. Its corrosion resistance is 3 times of traditional pure galvanized steel wire, diameter 3.0mm, generally 1.0mm, tensile strength not less than 1380 Mpa.

It can be laid out on rivers with high flow speed for slope protection or retaining wall project, with strong anti-scouring strength.

PVC galvanized steel wire

PVC galvanized steel wire is covered with PVC protective layer on the surface and high quality low carbon steel wire inside. This steel wire can be woven into various specifications of hexagonal mesh, which is commonly used in river bank protection projects and can be combined with the surrounding environment to meet the ecological environmental protection standards.

What Are The Raw Materials Of Gabion Net

Gabion nets really matter in mountain area, they can prevent the stones from falling, to protect the road and people. Come to Anping Xinghong Metal Wire Mesh to find more strong and useful mesh.

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