The Main Application Scope of Slope Protection Network

May. 08, 21

The main products of the flexible maintenance system of Side Slope Protection Net project and environmental slope can be divided into active and passive protection network. The system mainly consists of steel wire ropes, covering two types of geological hazards on the slope: avalanche and bank slope, with maintenance and obstruction effects. The technology and products of flexible safety protection system, such as scouring, explosion, flying rocks and falling objects slope protection network, are brand new technology products, which completely change the traditional concept of slope protection.

Side Slope Protection Net

Side Slope Protection Net

Slope protection network can also reduce the impact of the project on the environment to a very low point, the maintenance area can adequately maintain the stability of the land and rocks, after the artificial implementation of grass seeding and afforestation, suitable for any messy terrain, without destroying the original terrain, this product has a mesh and visual interference, easy to artificially beautify and environmental protection, the following, Rockfall Netting Suppliers will introduce the main applications of slope protection network.

1.The main installation areas of slope protection netting and flexible protection netting are close to highways, railroads and linear engineering areas. Due to the high flow of people in these areas, it is easy to bring inevitable disasters to vehicles and pedestrians. And because the economic conditions in these areas are not developed, it is difficult to carry out many maintenance measures. At present, the security measures taken in China for the above situation are nothing more than installing slope protection nets in the mountainous areas near the areas with high pedestrian flow to protect the lives and properties of citizens as much as possible within a certain scale of disaster.

2.After the use of slope protection net in China, has been rapidly promoted, especially in the western region where there are more mountainous areas, at the same time, once the mountains are concentrated, often occur geological disasters such as mountain collapse, mudslide, landslide, slope weathering, etc. Once the geological disaster occurs, it will bring different degrees of damage to the lives and properties of the citizens around, the slope protection net to a certain extent reduces the occurrence of these disasters, stabilizes the slopes, realizes the virtuous circle and maintains a good ecology.

3.Every year, the dry season is the period of high occurrence of slope disasters, and these conditions are highly uncertain, complex, random, regional and multiple, which are not easily controlled by people, and the slope protection network and flexible protection network solve these problems. The main types of slope protection netting are wire rope netting, ring netting, lasso netting and lattice mountain netting, which is mainly used in the mid-slope of the mountain to protect some falling rocks on the mountain slope, it is mainly woven by hot galvanized steel wire rope, articulated by clips, and then anchored on the slope, so that it constitutes a layer of stable maintenance with netting on the surface of the whole mountain slope, so that it can effectively avoid the rolling down of some debris on the mountain top.

The above is the main scope of application of the slope protection network for everyone, I hope it can help you, if you still have other aspects want to understand, you can come to consult us. In addition, the company also provides Gabion Baskets, if you need, please feel free to contact

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