Alternative and Interesting Materials for Filling Gabions

Mar. 25, 22

If you are planning to use gabion baskets in your garden, property or work - you are probably looking for the cheapest way to fill gabion baskets. If you are not too concerned about the aesthetics of the stones inside your gabion baskets, then finding the cheapest way to fill them is definitely a good idea.

With gabion baskets, usually you either prioritize the aesthetics (appearance) of the stones or you don't. Most likely, if you are looking for the cheapest way to fill a gabion basket, you don't care about the look of the "filler", you just need some stones to create the effect.

You will find below a simple guide on how to fill gabions with stones or alternative materials. This blog will guide you through the different methods. 


Use large stones

Make sure there are larger stones on the bottom and sides. Try to place flat stones on the walls of the cage. Leave no gaps and pack the stones together as tightly as possible.

 Alternative and Interesting Materials for Filling Gabions

Use gravel bags

Place gravel bags or sand bags at the back of the cage. Add the decorative rocks to the front, facing the panel with the flat side of the rock. Do not leave a gap between the rock and the bag.

Using gravel and handling partitions

A rock divider will make this job easier and cheaper. Attach the panels to the side of the basket with bungee cords or spirals. Make sure the rubble is stacked tightly and start at the front - you only need the decorative rocks here.


Machine Filling

Machine filling is the fastest option for larger jobs. You will need to manually clear larger gaps to ensure there are no voids between the stones. Use support rods to reduce expansion. If a large number of stones hit the panel hard, they will expand in the process. 

Alternative and Interesting Materials for Filling Gabions

Choose local stones

You can use local stones that are provided to you free of charge. Whatever material you choose, always make sure the size is between 80 mm - 200 mm.


Use bricks

You can always use loose building materials, such as bricks. Due to the rectangular size, bricks will help to maintain a straight edge finish.


Use recycled materials

You can even choose glass or plastic bottles to get a unique look, while saving materials and recycling in the process. Ask that the items you use be hard, heavy, durable and also drainable.

Alternative and Interesting Materials for Filling Gabions

Ask your neighbors

Neighbors are always working on their houses and many will be removing walls. Those walls they are removing will be full of bricks that are no longer needed - so they can become filler for your gabion baskets! If there's a whatsapp group in your area, it's worth asking there if anyone is planning any home improvements.

Wine bottles

If you save your wine bottles, you can actually fill your gabion basket with them. This is a really quirky option for filling gabion baskets on the cheap - and it looks great too! It looks really sleek and cool - and we really like it!


Use small round stones

Smaller round stones are less likely to bulge the basket, but still require thicker wire (4 mm or 5 mm). These are perfect for projects that require higher structure.


Alternative and Interesting Materials for Filling Gabions


If you are using a thinner wire cage, you can cross-wire them or use support panels. Take some binding wire and connect the front and back panels. The wire will reduce the stress on the panels when filling the baskets.

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