Good Landscape Effect of Gabions

May. 27, 21

In environmental construction, gabion is something that is often used nowadays, and its role is important and widely used, with significant effects and high economic benefits. Therefore, it has been highly praised in the past years, so what are its advantages and functions? Gabion Basket Suppliers are here to tell you.

Stability and overall function

When using gabions, the first thing we see is its stability and practicality. The overall permeability function is also an outstanding potential that cannot be ignored. The production of gabion mesh is now made with special machinery, in the form of double twisted mesh structure. In the process of using this form, if some local damage occurs, it will not affect the overall performance, so the whole will not be damaged. And the whole project can be used to stimulate its characteristics in some environment when it is used, and it can also be used to turn the whole project into a whole so that cracks will not appear. So even if there is some uneven precipitation, it will not affect the overall working function and there will be no serious problems and the maintenance workload will be much less.

Gabion Basket

Gabion Basket

Good landscape effect

When using Gabion Baskets, we can see that the combination of this material is simple, which means the construction method is easy and convenient. To be more beautiful, there are many colors in the design, and through a certain combination of structures, it can meet the needs of many aspects, with ornamental and decorative properties.

Reservoirs can be damaged by collapsing banks after a long period of wind and rain erosion and river erosion, and gabions can be used to guard against this environment. The difference in geological conditions of reservoir shoreline across the field bank results in bank collapse of different scope and mechanism. Therefore, the bank collapse management project should be highly targeted, and should not be carried out blindly or blindly accept a certain pace of prevention and control works, but should be integrated.

Gabion mesh can be used for embankment protection, but also for the whole river bed and bank protection, more suitable for the original bank slope gentle river, to design the dry water level as the boundary, the upper slope protection project, the lower foot protection project. Slope protection project is to repair the original bank slope first, and then lay the slope protection anti-filter layer and ecological grid mat structure surface layer to prevent damage to the bank slope surface, the foot protection project is to use anti-impact materials laid in the submerged riverbed near the foot of the slope, forming a protective layer to prevent water erosion, to achieve the purpose of protecting the foundation of the embankment. The greater advantage of gabion net is ecological, filled with natural stones, there are gaps between the stones for plants to grow inside, also can be targeted to plant suitable plants, has the dual function of engineering slope protection and plant slope protection, the same Side Slope Protection Net also has this role!

The above is to introduce the stability and finishing function of gabion mesh, hope it can help you. If there are other aspects you want to know, please feel free to contact us!

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