Where are Gabion Baskets Mainly Used and Why?

Jun. 11, 21

Gabion Baskets are made of metal wire by weaving or processing and welding. It is mainly used in river, slope, coast, mountain and roadbed projects.

Gabion baskets can be used for slope support, foundation pits, mountain rock hanging, slope vegetation, railroad and highway barrier fencing, and can also be made into box, mattress or basket shape for dam and seawall scour protection and reservoir protection.

Gabion Baskets

Gabion Baskets

Gabion Baskets Suppliers tell us that there are three main applications of gabion mesh in detail as follows:

First, gabions are used to guide and control rivers and floods.

The most serious disaster caused by rivers is that they scour their banks and cause floods. Floods can lead to loss of life and property and cause massive soil erosion. Therefore, Gabion baskets structures have become one of the best solutions in dealing with this problem, which allows the river banks to be permanently protected.

Secondly, gabions are used for canal bed and channel construction.

Gabion baskets structure is the main method for many natural river reconstruction and artificial channel excavation. It can improve the stability of side slopes and riverbeds. It can provide effective permanent protection for river banks or riverbeds. Gabion baskets can also control the flow of water and prevent soil erosion. It is particularly useful in environmental protection and water resource protection.

Third, slope protection.

Gabion baskets structure is a very successful example in river bank protection slope protection. It makes full use of the advantages of gabions and achieves good results that cannot be matched by other methods.

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