Advantages of Gabions and Reno Mattresses in Erosion Control

Sep. 10, 21

For centuries, hexagonal mesh gabions have been used successfully for river regulation, soil conservation, slope stabilization and other applications. Mesh gabions and Reno mattresses offer many advantages over other types of construction materials, and HONGYU shares their advantages in soil and water control and erosion control with you.

Advantages of Gabions and Reno Mattresses in Erosion Control Advantages of Gabions and Reno Mattresses in Erosion Control


Gabions & Reno mattresses offer an environmentally sensitive solution for soil retention and slope stabilization. Gabions are naturally porous and allow for interaction between the land and the water table. During drainage and subsidence, soil is typically deposited in the small voids of the stone fill material and will promote plant growth flooding the structure. Growth of vegetation, plants and trees can be done during construction using a variety of methods to ensure that vegetation occurs immediately.

Low Construction Costs

Gabions are very cost effective to install. They are easy to build, require limited equipment, unskilled labor, minimal foundation preparation, no drainage, and are often filled with local stone.Gabion & Reno mattress structures require little to no maintenance and can be permanent structures if properly designed and built.


One of the most important advantages of Gabion & Reno mattresses is their flexibility for individual units. The hexagonal mesh structure allows it to withstand uneven settlement without failure. This property is especially important when the gabions are located in areas with unstable soil conditions, or where the scouring of water can cause settlement.


Gabions and Reno mattresses have the strength and flexibility to withstand the forces generated by water and soil. The most important and relevant strength properties related to gabion and lino mattress design criteria are mesh perforation strength, mesh tensile strength, mesh tensile opening strength, and mesh corrosion resistance.


Gabion mesh and Reno mattresses create a natural free-draining structure. Hydrostatic pressure head does not form behind the gabion and lino mattress structure. Drainage is accomplished by gravity and evaporation, as the porous structure allows active air circulation through it. In addition, transpiration further helps remove water from the protected soil as soil deposits and plant growth invade the structure.


Gabions are made of a high strength double twisted hexagonal grid filled with naturally hard and durable stones and joined together to form a monolithic structure capable of structural movement without loss of structural integrity, resulting in a highly durable structure.

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