Gabion baskets (or gabion cages) are a cost effective, robust and easy to install solution for a range of applications, from commercial and domestic landscaping, to retaining walls and coastal protection.

Gabion Baskets FAQ’s

What is a gabion?

A modular containment system (called a gabion basket or cage) made from wire mesh and filled with rock, stone or other non-degradable materials.

Usually square, rectangular or trapezoidal in shape, these stone-filled units can be placed side by side and on top of each other for use in a range of construction projects e.g. gravity retaining walls.

Are they sometimes called stone cages?

Yes. Sometimes our customers refer to them as stone cages.  They have also been referred to as gabions, wire cages, rock cages.

Gabion Baskets Common Uses

Coastal protection schemes including sea walls, sea defence, soil erosion

Gravity retaining walls


Benches / seating


 Which Wire Thickness? 

Wire DiameterUse For:

Standard wire thickness for walls up to 5m. Low-cost option. Will result in minor bulges when filled with rocks. Suitable if architectural, straight edge finish is not required.

4mm5m+ high & free-standing walls.  Use for seating or surfaces that will be walked on. Will give an architectural, straight edge finish when filled carefully with interlocking rocks.
5mm5m+ high walls & free-standing walls.  Use for seating or surfaces that will be walked on. Best for an architectural, uniform and precise finish. For use in public parks. Can be used with rounded stone fill.

Filling Guidance 

Choose a hard, durable, non-degradable and free-draining material

Pick angular stone for best interlocking potential = less deformation of the face

Quarried stone is preferred due to angular properties

Rounded stone has less interlocking potential. Use 4 or 5mm wire mesh

Ideally, all exposed faces should be hand-packed

If machine filling, take care to minimise large voids

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